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Female personal trainer

Pretty universal option for everyone. Can easily use mens pride and know how to convince a lady to push the load up again. Female fitness trainers usualy work with both genders so there is no reason for fear or shyness. Beginners who seek personal trainer for the first time we would recommend female trainer as the first choice.

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Male personal trainer

This option is ideal especially when it comes to power training. Male personal trainers have usualy better experience with achieving maximum training load for male organism during power fitness programs, plus they can also easily assist with heavy load lifting. We would recommend male trainer for man bodybuilding intentions.

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Indoors and outdoors training

Outdoor fitness activities are better due to natural conditions and also body moves are usualy anatomicaly natural. Unfortunately there are many reasons for training inside, usualy disfavourable weather, but the most common reason is to speed up the process. For loosing weight training is indoor training far more efficient.

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Personal nutrition program

Diet optimisation is one of the first things to be done. Proper nutritionally full boarding is always required for good results. Your trainer is not around 24/7 so determination and discipline is a must for keeping on track with defined diet. Don't forget to inform your personal trainer about any alergies or requirements you may have.

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